Always wondered what a conductor work is? Always wanted to have the proper direction and guidance into the role a conductor? Here is the chance!

A course just for you.

Are you a student conductor for your school band or ensembles? Or a conductor of a group, CCA, band, orchestra or ensemble and wants to further improve your knowledge and skills in conducting. Now you can learn with our CRAFTER, Mr Lester Kong, a Prized Winner conductor with over 10 years of conducting experience.


This course equips learners with conducting techniques in conducting instrumental works, score-reading and terminology.


This course introduces fundamental orchestral/band/ensemble conducting and covers baton technique, rehearsal technique and score organisation. It provides a platform for conductors to refresh conducting fundamentals and hone these skills under guidance.

What to expect

Every term, you get a session to conduct a mixed ensemble (quintet) to put what you have learnt in individual session into real-life practice. Students are expected to have their own baton and scores during lessons.

“Music unfolds when you are able to hear the music at the tip of the baton.”

                                                Lester Kong