Many of us knows about the benefits of learning a musical instrument such as brain and memory development, co-ordination and concentration skills, value of perseverance, academic performance etc.

However, apart from all the scientific proven benefits; learning music improves our sensitivity towards emotions, having compassion and appreciating beauty around us – in other words, to appreciate life! What is a life worth living if we do not know how to appreciate the little beauties in life?

Therefore in Musox, we believe in providing a holistic program for individual and prep them to be ready for any challenges that they will face above individual lessons. Our piano lessons are crafted according to student’s learning ability and interest with the aim of cultivating the love not just for piano, but for music as a whole.

We are passionate about expanding our students’ music horizon through the opportunity of participating in concerts, attend workshops, music examinations, music festivals & competition.

Age: 4.5 years and above

Frequency:Once a week which includes Orchestra/Musicianship Program as slated in term calendar.

Duration:  30 mins weekly lessons

 45 mins weekly lessons

60 mins weekly lessons

General Course Content

Basic music rudiments and music terms

Proper techniques and posture

Progressive exercises for technical development